Wednesday, May 27, 2015

And.... it's in

The new GPS/Fishfinder that is :)

So, finally got back over to the boat, with waterproof wire connectors and nifty colored zip ties in hand, in order to finish the installation of the Lowrance.

Thankfully, neither my brother in law or I have had much time to get out, so NOT having this installed hasn't been a big hindrance, nevertheless I wanted to finish this up to ready for the water trial of the transducer.

Of course, this was not without some trials, though minor.

had to disconnected the power cable and pull it up through the 25mm (1") hole I drilled in the top of the console. When I did the initial hookup, I only had and used black electical tape, so had to unwrap that, install the new waterproof wire connectors (which are like regular twist on wire connectors but they contain some kind of conductive gel to keep out moisture).

I pulled up the blue transducer connector/cable, then re-inserted the power cable, leaving a red and blue connector sticking up out of the console. Then I reconnected the power connections, zip tied things up nicely underneath, and went to power the unit up.


Looking underneath I found that when i snugged up the multiple zip ties I pulled out the wires from the terminals I had used to get ground and hot leads. Sooo, had to go upsidedown and reconnect everything, then re-zip tie the cables in such a way that I didn't stress the connections to the terminals.

Sorry, no further pictures ... I had hoped to put up a blow by blow pictorial expose' but alas, words is what yuz get :)