Monday, September 29, 2014


A beautiful, summer like, Sunday afternoon. And introducing a couple of my friends to the joy of fishing :)

Our two dogs, named cappuccino and zosyn, loved the beach (as all dogs do) and of course were fascinated by the fish.

Zo, in particular, as he had never been out fishing with me before, and had never encountered a "fish".

Every time the tail flicked, he would jump back at this "new" thing invading "his" beach environment!

This time of year is the beginning of one of the best parts of surf fishing, there are weakfish, stripers, tautog, a few flounder around (though you cannot keep them as the season closed!), still some kingfish, the chance for a red drum... all potentially available to the South Jersey surf angler.

Why 'cocktails'?

A bluefish  (Pomatomus saltatrix) starts out life as any other small fish, helpless and cute.

However, it quickly develops into a maniacal eating machine, and over the years anglers have developed fairly common names for the various "sizes" of bluefish.

Snappers - are typically those blues with teeth, up to about 8"  
Cocktails - from 8" up to 1-2 lbs in weight (see above with the dogs)  
Taylors - approximately 2-4lbs, this supposedly came from the saying that they were "taylor made" for dinner  
Choppers - up to 10lbs 
 Gators - 10-15 lbs
Slammers - 15 lbs+