Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Good News / Bad News

Good news, a new batch of fish moved in.

Bad news, I can't fish for them... Dr's orders

At least others get to enjoy it.

There have been a nice batch of large (relatively) flounder in the back bays all June.

If you get out there when they are biting ... DOH!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Not too much going on

It's been one of those years.

When I go out, it's either blowing 20knots or "you shoulda been here yesterday"

Then I get back and read reports from everywhere other than where I was fishing, that "it's on fire"; "can't miss", "get out there now" (and occasionally even from where I *was* fishing... but that would require a long post for proper exposition)

Have caught short "floundah" but then I get a cellphone pic from someone I know of a monster.

Ah well, guess I gotta go with the flow, especially when the flow is pushing me out to sea

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flounder revisited

Flounder are in.

ok, I wrote Flounder.

What are they? a fish whose development is interesting in that newly hatched flounder look like normal fish: eyes on both sides of the body.

During development they migrate to the "left" side of the body (left of the dorsal)

Wait! You might think these are "Fluke" if you're from that over-populated section of the country called "Northeast"... specifically northeast of the imaginary line running from Tuckerton to Trenton NJ, or roughly corresponding to New Jersey's "I-95 Corridor" !

But down south, we just call them "Flounder".

Now, as far as being "IN", if you search back a bit, you'll see my pattern for Skok's Pheasant Phlounder fly.
This fly imitates baby FLOUNDER... which have just started making an appearance in our local estuaries.

Therefore, the time to fish these babies (the flies) is RIGHT NOW!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Green Trout

Well, they aren't trout or Stripers but the popular large mouth bass are good warm weather targets.

At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I've pursued saltwater fish on the fly numerous times this year with no success, though only one unsuccessful outing for trout, real trout.

Saltwater fishing can be incredibly rewarding, or frustrating and this year has been the latter. Either there is a paucity of baitfish around, or the sea is as dead as the great salt seas across the pond. Fishing with the fly rod is even more of a challenge in the salt. At least with bait, you'll get a crab, dogfish or skate to sniff your offering!

I hope with the influx and growth of baitfish around the back bays at least some resident Stripers or Weakfish will hang around.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Near to you O Lord

Near to Your heart Lord
Is where I want to be

Near to Your heart Lord
You've made a place for me

Jesus You're all
That I'll ever need
And I'm thankful just to be

Near to Your heart Lord

It's where I want to be

-- Duane Clark

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lost In Space

yeah, I haven't been out fishing.

So, instead, just think about the VA Healthcare scandal and what awaits for those under Obamacare:

Paul Krugman in 2011 wrote of the VA’s “huge success story”:

Multiple surveys have found the VHA providing better care than most Americans receive, even as the agency has held cost increases well below those facing Medicare and private insurers…the VHA is an integrated system, which provides health care as well as paying for it. So it’s free from the perverse incentives created when doctors and hospitals profit from expensive tests and procedures, whether or not those procedures actually make medical sense.
Krugman added, “Yes, this is ‘socialized medicine’…But it works, and suggests what it will take to solve the troubles of US health care more broadly.”
Similarly, Nicholas Kristof of the Times wrote in 2009:
Take the hospital system run by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the largest integrated health system in the United States. It is fully government run, much more “socialized medicine” than is Canadian health care with its private doctors and hospitals. And the system for veterans is by all accounts one of the best-performing and most cost-effectiveelements in the American medical establishment.
Just last year, Uwe Reinhardt of Princeton wrote in the pages of the Times:
Remarkably, Americans of all political stripes have long reserved for our veterans the purest form of socialized medicine, the vast health system operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (generally known as the V.A. health system). If socialized medicine is as bad as so many on this side of the Atlantic claim, why have both political parties ruling this land deemed socialized medicine the best health system for military veterans? Or do they just not care about them?
Or try the RAND Corporation: “If other health care providers followed the V.A.’s lead, it would be a major step toward improving the quality of care across the U.S. health care system.”
Then there’s Voxsplainer Ezra Klein, who wrote in the Washington Post in 2009 that “expanding the Veterans Health Administration to non-veterans” was “one of my favorite ideas.”
Jonathan Golob of The Seattle Stranger has written in the same vein: “Every time I read about a Teabagger ranting about how socialized medicine will destroy this country I think of the VA system. There it is, a huge and vastly important universal healthcare system—government run, single payer and therefore socialist—right here in the brave and privatized United States: The Veterans Affairs hospitals.”