Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Green Trout

Managed to get out for a quick stop in the evening at a local
catch and release pond. These have decent populations of fish, though
most seem on the smaller side. There are two reasons for this:
  1.  poaching, as there are folks who illegally keep fish from these private, catch and release ponds, but also
  2. stunting. I really feel the population is not well balanced due to the lack of predators and/or good habitat.

That said, another factor that makes it difficult to catch these fish is the fact that it is catch
and release, and a relatively small body water. The fish get smart quick. Case in point is another
pond where my brother in law and myself were able to pull out some real nice multi pound bass
on gummy worms, whacky style.  For a while.

After doing this over the span of a week, the fish would nibble but not take. Switch baits, and
get a whack or two, then only nibbles. Switch: whack, then nibble.

Then it was virtually impossible to get a good fish.  I think they just plain were eductated.

These fish *rocketed* up through the clear depths to smash my top water bug. Presentation
that seemed to work was just a slow, what I call "frog", twitch.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ugly flatwing

But likely still effective LOL

This is a flatwing tied from a pattern in the Kenny Abrams

This book is sometimes available on Amazon or other sites, but when I last checked
only outrageous "collectible" priced editions were listed (you know, the $150+ range books... LOL)