Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Still Wanted: Stocked Pequest Rainbow Trout

Ok getting "closer"... in the sense that I hooked one today.

I was worm dunking as well as casting a fly, so was a bit slow on the uptake and didn't set
the hook all that well.

Trout apparently don't like to hook themselves as easily as their whiskered friends of the stillwater ponds they've been unceremoniously dumped into:

Apparently, the trout didn't like my flies either, but this fellow did ... was feisty and flopping when this pic was taken:

Monday, April 8, 2019

Wanted: Stocked Pequest Rainbow Trout

ok I started.

picked up some mealworms, went to a local mudhole at lunchtime, and threw them out on a hook to try to catch the wily stocked rainbow trout.




Everyone says these rainbows are easy, but in my home waters, I've found them elusive for me.
Bait/flies/lures... although I'm not out everywhere or "a lot", I have given it a try on waters where there "should" be some fish around.

I'll try again.

I promise.

#IMissPequestBrookies #TheBestTroutForSouthJerseyWaters

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