Sunday, September 18, 2016

And the water wheel is working again..

At Ye Old Smithville!

The christening was today at 1:30

Great place to visit, come on, you know you want to stop when you are down in dixie! :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First wave runner keeper

Yesterday was a beautiful pre-fall day in the grand state of South Jersey. My friend, Jim, planned a clamming outing on the wave runners, I cleared my calendar and took off early to try out fishing some new waters behind Brigantine. First time trying to fish off the wave runner.

Was prepared if I saw signs of breaking fish, but the main plan was bottom fishing looking for weaks, flounder or even blues.

I had a couple of holes in mind and found one, where snappers seemed to be prevalent. Kept one for bait and snagged a short flounder. Cool, unfortunately my go pro was dead so no good pics. 

Caught small sea bass, a sand shark and then moved to above near where Jim was going to meet up. First drop and this buggah jumped on the bucktail. Taped out at just under 19".

Never got another good bite but one was enough. 

We clammed then went for lunch and wrapped up a spectacular day with a night out with friends.

The fall run is coming!