Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fishing for Bait - Part 3

Standing in the gentle surf, late afternoon on a September mid-week day, a gentle sea breeze keeping the air cool and bugs away

I kick off my sandals, set up a chair for my wife, and put out a few rods. We watch a grandparents gathering their young charges up for the ride home, boogy boards and toys gathered up in the beach buggy. Downbeach, surfers head out to catch the light swells, never anxious to see a summer wane as school approaches.

I was really hoping to get a shark to tug on one of the lines, but wasn't to be.

Not this evening anyways.

Had a couple of fellows up beach who had NOAA tags at the ready for any toothy critters, but they had no success either.

Meanwhile, small snappers are found in the back bays, as well as running the surf, and were destroying the mullet rigs I put out for a while. Too small to be hooked on a 2/0, but big enough to have teeth that rip apart bait!

Thankfully, a few beautiful Northern Kingfish have swarmed the surf. Bigger ones out deep with the smaller kings available on a light rod, just to keep you busy while waiting for some more challenging take on another rod

The setting sun all golden paints shadows in the sand
Slowly it fades now as nighttime begins to fall
Life is like that shadow, slowly grows, then fades away
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fishing for "Bait" - part 2

my "fishing for bait" season hasn't only been limited to freshwater:

Brigantine is generally overcrowded and flat, fish move through in spurts.

I've had a tough time the past couple of years, showing up on the "shoulda been here yesterday" type of times, but at least there have been a few kingfish around... very tasty panfish.