Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Steve Farrer's Flounder Pattern

Reposting from SOL just so it doesn't get lost :)

- DNA Holofusion in ashwood
- Belly: epoxy mixed with tungsten powder

I've been experimenting with this flounder imitation for the last couple of weeks and am happy with the way it fishes. I would, however, like to use a commercially available 60 degree stainless jig hook if one exists. Right now I'm tying them on eagle claw 413 sizes 1 and 2. They are not stainless and are a tad too flexible, especially in size 2. I've also used a variety of standard stainless hooks with the eye bent up but like the jig hook better for this fly. If any of you know of a strong 60 degree stainless available in size1 and 2, pls post it in this thread.

I'll post the step by step on in the next month or so but for those who would like to tie some up now it's just an alternating side to side hi-tie all the way up the shank, that's trimmed to a flounder profile. You can see it's not much different than the peanut bunker hi-tie shown in the photo. A craft brown marker is used for the back and black for the dots. If you work from the center of the fly out with the brown but stop short of the edge, it gives the illusion of fins. Eyes are placed forward, then coated with plasti-dip. Top and bottom of the shank are coated as well to protect the wraps. Finally, with the fly belly side up in a vise, epoxy mixed with tungsten powder(available at local fly shops around here and distributed by Rumpf as Deep Powder) is placed forward and allowed to cure flat. The material used is DNA Holofusion in ashwood. Enjoy the pattern. Should be able to use the same technique for a crab so you might want to experiment.



Ben Mckinley said...

I really like these flounder flies. I've actually included them in a recent post I wrote about striped bass flies that can be found here:

njwater said...

Thanks for the link, Ben.

Steve Fahrer is a NJ tier, very influential and creative.

Many of his patterns can be found on the Atlantic Saltwater Fly Rodders club page:

So, all credit goes to Steve!