Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back in the Saddle, er, BUGS!

Was out with the bugs in Brigantine last week, there were a few pods of bait and gave a go with the fly rod on the edges, but didn't get any takers.
The only thing "took" was my blood: by black and greenhead flies!

This week I'll be out again, but will be in waders, long sleeves, buff, hat, and 90% deet, something like this, maybe without the head net

Whatever outfit I wear, it will guarantee I'll be off the beach before 8:30 by which time it'll be 85F

Decided to start fishing my local catch and release ponds with a 5 wt. couldn't find any bigger fish but got a few of these (not my pic, but identical):

One time, I had a hopper imitation on, floating on top, a little fish came to investigate, and swoosh and big swirl near the fly.

What I think happened is big bubba saw the little bluegills come up and decided it was dinner time.

So, I may resort to catching the baby bluegills and livelining

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