Friday, June 10, 2016

A Hot Bite In Brigantine

When you read "hot bite", you might be thinking fish are jumping on the lines.
You might be thinking the temperature was high.
You might be thinking that bugs were bad.

If you thought any of these things, you LOST! (apologies to Warner Wolf)

Dead this morning for me at Brigantine, though not boring. "caught" a seagull, had a daiwa reel blow up (the spool popped out into the surf while I was reeling in), had a tip break during a cast (no line wrap, the tip was marginal to begin with), then while dealing with the blown up reel, the incoming surf knocked over and took my 3rd rod. Turned around and it was gone. Saw the tip floating (!!) in the surf a little ways down and recovered the rod.

This guy was looking for fish just like the rest of us:

Wind was cranking NW

Bite's been hot in Brigantine.

Wait, What?

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