Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Agencies That Control our Mid-Atlantic Fishing

The three agencies that control our fisheries are:

1. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC), aka the Commission...........This agency formed in the early 1940's regulates waters from the shoreline out to 3 miles (as far as a cannon could shoot from the shore, lol). It has representatives from each of the 13 states on the east coast. Each state gets three members..........one from the states marine fisheries department, one legislator (who usually appoints a proxy to vote for him/her), and an individual appointed by the governor of the state. The three members caucus during meetings and each state gets one vote in matters it considers.
You could actually get to be the governor's appointee if you had the proper credentials and were so inclined

2. Mid Atlantic Fisheries Management Council (MAFMC), aka the Council...............

This agency was formed in 1976 and was created as one of the eight regional councils when the Magnuson Stevens Act (MSA) was written. As New Jersey is one of the mid-Atantic States, this is the council that regulates our fisheries.

The 21 members of the council are the regional director from NOAA, 4 nonvoting members, 7 members from each of the states fisheries departments, and 13 private citizens with knowledge of fisheries (one from each state, and 6 at large members from any state).

You could actually be a member of the council. Keep in mind MAFMC is basically an advisory body and any regulations issued must be approved by NOAA, functioning under the Secretary of Commerce

3. The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council (NJ MFC)...........This agency sets the regulations that the state adopts in compliance with the guidelines issued by the above controlling agencies.

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