Friday, April 29, 2022

Getting ready

 Some odds and ends have been happening since my last post. Mostly odds :D

Put up a rack for my surfrods... it is a ceiling installed rack which purportedly will hold 12 rods,
but practically speaking is good for 6 surf rods

It's possible I'll eventually configure it for 12 rods, but I like the 6 heavy duty rod config for now.

God the boat ready, getting the batter installed, and fixing a broken screw on the ladder, giving it a clean up with on and off

Lastly, planning a trip up to the Toms River... probably been 15 years since I fished this coastal, pine barren, tannin stained, creek.  Back in the day there were brook and brown trout. In the past 10 years, the state has only been stocking Rainbow trout, which historically I've had the least amount of success catching LOL..

Thursday, April 7, 2022


 Nothing earth shattering but have done a variety with the club the past few weeks including:

bendback (like a clouser)

gurgler (with or without "flatwing" style feather)

mop flies (which, like they sound, use a car wash hand "mop" for the body of the fly... worm immitation)

and, or course, wooly buggers.

The club has done some other flies, but I've not gone "over the edge" on those ... more of a pain just getting materials together than anything else.

PLUS, I'm going to master the whip finish tool for the first time... I hope LOL

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