Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Surf Fly (imitating worms)

Copied from some west coast boards... looks like it will be useful on the East Coast as well....

The Krabby Patty was written up for the San Diego Fly Fishers newsletter ("Finny Facts") in June 2011:

The author now uses "sparkling wine" new age chenille for the underbody on his red version (orange crush on the orange version), and medium palmer chenille in root beer for the over body. He uses "premium" red marabou (instead of the spikier blood strung marabou) for the tail and either B10S or SS15 gamakatsu hooks. He often uses black dazl eyes instead of bead chain, and clear cure goo hydro to coat the thread.

Some compared the Krabby Patty to the venerable Root Beer Surf Rat - although pics don't make them look similar, wet, they do look similar because they both use root beer chenille of some kind with hints of green flash as their main element. Maybe this makes them look like Nereid polychaete worms in the surf ... . Both flies are deadly. Here is a writeup for the root beer surf rat in the June 2011 newsletter ("Reading the Water") of the Golden State Flycasters, San Diego (I usually use a B10S or Daiichi 2546 hook instead of the 34007):

(if that link does not work for you google "rootbeer surf rat" loudat 2011 ) to find the newsletter it's in.

Another writeup on the rootbeer surf rat, by John Wohlfiel of the Golden State Flycasters, is in the Documents section - click on Fly Patterns then on Surf Rat:

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