Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Last Snow

It's been a long "winter" here in New Jersey. If anyone besides myself has actually read any of my blog, they'd know this already.

This week, we had, what I hope, is our last snow of the "winter season". In the Northeast, in general, and New Jersey, specifically, the "winter season" lasts from November into April, regardless of the meteorological designtations which say winter "begins" around Dec 20 and "end" around Mar 20 (plus or minus a day either way).

It's just been fairly cold for this region, and with persistent, weekly storms that resulted in snow/ice/sleet, cold winds, and no real break in the weather as is customary for our Southern Jersey coastal sections.

Anyhow, I'm calling it "over"! Done! Finito!  Gone!

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